VITAMIN D in Pregnancy
Pregnant mothers need Vitamin D to maintain proper levels of calcium and phosphorus which helps to build the skeletal system of the infant and to ensure stronger bones and teeth during the growth stage.The Vitamin D status in an infant is determined by the Vitamin D status of the mother.

Infants meet their vitamin D requirements through stored concentrations obtained across the placenta before birth. Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy can cause growth retardation and skeletal deformities and also results in low birth weight.

A Vitamin D deficient mother is more likely to deliver a Vitamin D deficient infant. This will put the infant at risk of rickets, abnormal bone growth and delayed physical development. These conditions can be long lasting and can be carried from birth through adulthood.

Research shows that 84% of preganant women in India have vitamin-D deficiency, thereby giving birth to infants with vitamin-D deficiency.

A deficiency of Vitamin D has also been linked to a greater risk of pregnancy complications including preeclampsia and a higher likelihood of a delivery through c-section.

Therefore, there is a need to supplement Vitamin D routinely during Pregnancy in daily dosages of 1000 IU - 2000 IU.